Q 1

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TWI Ltd has supported Magnox Ltd to develop a first-of-a-kind automated laser cutting facility for the size reduction of nuclear waste skips. The facility has been commissioned at Hinkley Point ‘A’ nuclear power station, and was demonstrated by size-reducing three ILW classified skips. (Welding 16)

  • Qual a importância de se manter o mundo livre da contaminação causada por lixo tóxico?


  • O que mais as empresas e os governos podem fazer especificamente para contribuir com isso?…/laser-cutting-an-innovative-approach-to-size-reduction-of-magnox-skip-614/ – 2017-03-23.


Q 2

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TWI is the world’s premier centre for materials joining technology, with some 550 staff in a number of facilities within the UK and other parts of the world. Its headquarters are located in Cambridge, UK. TWI is a private, non-profit distributing company that provides R&Dmp;D, consultancy, training, technology transfer and advice for its 2000+ Industrial Members worldwide.

TWI has a long history of innovation but does not seek to protect most of its developments, rather favouring the rapid introduction of new ideas to its Members and the wider engineering community. However, when a disruptive innovation appears, TWI will seek to protect it to assist its effective uptake by industry and, if possible, to enhance TWI’s own business aims. (Welding 41)


  • Qual sua opinião sobre como as organizações, em geral, lidam com  segredos industriais?


  • Você acredita que eles poderiam ser usados para o benefício de toda a sociedade? Como isso poderia ser feito? – 2014-05-06.


Q 3

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Typical fuel storage containers (Courtesy, GEC Alsthom)
GEC ALSTHOM Engineering Systems Ltd have been involved in the design of storage tubes for spent nuclear fuel elements.
To identify candidate tube materials and welds, GEC asked TWI to carry out an experimental programme to determine the static and dynamic tensile and fracture toughness properties. TWI’s 10m drop-weight tower was used for the high loading rate tests, which allowed an impact speed of up to 13400mm/s (30mph).
As expected, tensile test results showed that the strength of the steels investigated increased at higher loading rates. Fracture toughness test results on parent steels and welds revealed that an increase in loading rate causes a shift in the fracture toughness transition curve. For one steel this resulted in a change in fracture mode from fully ductile to brittle.
These results assisted GEC ALSTHOM in material selection and also demonstrated the importance of assessing design scenarios under realistic conditions. As underlined the behaviour of steel structures during recent earthquakes, fracture toughness properties are likely to be markedly less forgiving to the existence of weld flaws at high loading rates.
Information and advice from TWI and its partners are provided in good faith and based, where appropriate, on the best engineering knowledge available at the time and incorporated into TWI’s website in accordance with TWI’s ISO 9001:2000 accredited status. No warranty expressed or implied is given regarding the results or effects of applying information or advice obtained from the website, nor is any responsibility accepted for any consequential loss or damage. (Welding 380)

Forgiving – tolerant


• Em que medida uma empresa de tecnologia deve ser responsabilizada por perdas e danos de clientes quando não é possível prever condições de uso atípicas ou condições climáticas adversas? – 2014-05-06.


Q 4

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Over 376 friction stir welded (FSW) vehicles have been ordered from Bombardier for the latest Victoria Line upgrade.

The process is being used to join stiff longitudinal extrusions which constitute the carbody’s sidewalls. The welding is sub-contracted to Swedish supplier Sapa Profiler, who hold a TWI friction stir welding licence.

FSW is likely to be used on future contracts for over 2200 more new trains in the next decade. This work stems from the successful introduction, some time ago, of friction stir welding on the lower bodyside panels of mainline trains. The technological and commercial advantages of the process were studied and found favourable by Bombardier and London Underground.

Bombardier first showed interest in friction stir welding 11 years ago and Bombardier became a member of the first TWI Group Sponsored Project and has subscribed to several similar projects since then. After a three year process review by Bombardier the manufacturer introduced friction stir welding onto its Electrostar range of vehicles for the UK market.

It is now pursuing its research into friction stir welding through both internal and European projects which are geared towards improving the crash-worthiness of today’s rail vehicles throughout Europe. (Welding 440)


  • Qual sua visão sobre uma possível cooperação entre companhias estatais e companhias privadas no tocante à implementação de novas tecnologias?


  • Como isso poderia ser feito? – 2014-05-06.


Q 5

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…..Approximately one month after the failure of the crude oil tank, a neighboring gas oil tank failed during hydro-test….These failures raised concern over the weld inspection method specified in the API Code which relied on taking boat samples from the welds. In the case of the crude oil tank, the failure initiated from a poorly repaired boat sample site and in the case of the gas oil tank a significant defect was missed by the inspection method. These concerns led towards the use of radiography for weld inspection in storage tanks. The failures also highlighted the importance of material toughness for storage tanks, and the introduction of the use of materials with minimum Charpy V properties greatly improved the safety of these structures. (Welding 190)


  • Na sua visão, quais outras medidas preventivas ou de segurança poderiam ser tomadas para evitar problemas como aqueles discutidos no texto acima?


  • Que papel os governos deveriam ter no tocante a questões de segurança quando não estão diretamente envolvidos em processos de produção? – 2012-06-29 – 2013-05-29.


Q 6

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TWI has conducted a major feasibility study into the use of adhesives instead of solder for surface mount technology in the electronics industry.

Adhesive bonding technology for the electronics industry has advanced rapidly in recent years. The introduction of conducting adhesives with improved properties and the development of more sophisticated dispensing and component placement techniques makes adhesives a potentially attractive alternative to solder.

The primary benefits of adopting adhesives as a method of surface mount attachment include:

* reduction in processing and materials cost

* fluxless assembly

* low temperature fabrication

* simpler rework

* high density interconnection (Welding 213)


  • Como as novas tecnologias tem impactado a sua vida pessoal nos últimos anos?


  • Qual o papel das novas tecnologias na sua vida profissional nos dias atuais? – 2014-05-06.


Q 7

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Training and qualification services for the aerospace industry sector – A properly trained and qualified workforce is the vital resource of every organisation keen to maintain its competitive advantage in tough home and international markets. TWI’s training and qualification services are designed to enhance the skills of all those engaged in welding, joining, inspection, NDT and related activities.

We offer

* Globally recognised training and certification

* Practical lessons, problem solving techniques developed over 30 years as a training and examination provider

* The expertise of experienced instructors and examiners

* Over 50 years’ experience gained as one of the world’s leading research and development organisations

* Adaptability – we can tailor courses to match your industry, company or personal requirements

* A comprehensive range of examinations to complement the training offered by TWI

* Flexibility – location and timing are flexible and courses can be held at your own premises, in the UK or worldwide. (Welding  243)


  • Na sua opinião, qual o papel de um treinamento adequado na carreira de uma pessoa?


  • Quem deveria investir efetivamente no treinamento, o próprio candidato ou as organizações?…/training-and-qualification-services-for-the-aerospace-industry-sector-235/- 2015-05-27.


Q 8

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Industrial Member Company Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd (KHI) recently consulted TWI to assess the service life of newly developed turbine blades for the L20A gas turbine… This is a new 20 MW-Class gas turbine developed by KHI, for distributed generation, co-generation and combined cycle applications. Blades were made from directionally-solidified and polycrystalline Mar-M247 ® and IN713C ® alloys.

The development of advanced turbine blades has seen the introduction of a new range of directionally-solidified and single-crystal super-alloys with compositions, microstructures and mechanical properties tailored to suit the demanding requirements of the high-pressure section. The project has provided considerable data on the long-term stability of the blade alloys and was able to demonstrate that the blades were fit for purpose. (Welding 387)


  • Qual a sua opinião sobre direitos autorais no tocante a produtos de alta tecnologia?


  • Na sua opinião, o direito autoral não deveria jamais expirar, ou deveria, dependendo do caso? – 2014-05-06.


Q 9

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Power-weave – Energy revolution – fibres generating and storing energy – researchers are changing dramatically the way energy generation and energy storage is made available. One way of achieving this is designing and developing these features directly integrated on a flexible fibrous matrix and yarn, through the European Commission-funded project Power-weave – Development of Textiles for Electrical Energy Generation and Storage.

Power-weave has now been running over 12 months and brings together 13 European partners from 7 countries. The project will last 42 months and the total grant is 4 million euros. The consortium comprises: TWI Limited, EPFL, Centexbel, Brunel University London, CeNTI, Ohmatex, Bonar Technical Fabrics, VdS-Weaving, Lind-strand Technologies, Sefar, Cetemmsa, Cyanine Technologies, PPC – Peerless Plastic Coatings.

Solar cells for electricity generation using photoelectric materials have been a reality for more than 20 years, although until recently only available in rigid, silicon based devices/panels. Recent trends have seen the introduction of the semi-rigid and polymer-based ‘flexible’ patch panels. Flexible batteries have also been made. Both have been ‘attached’ to fabrics to provide energy harvesting and storage-based garments and other textile products. (Welding 503)


  • Qual a sua opinião sobre a implementação de novas tecnologias que de alguma forma afetam a natureza e o meio ambiente?


  • Na sua opinião, qual é a melhor forma de promover  desenvolvimento sustentável? – 2014-11-10.


Q 9.1

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TWI has helped WallJAM bring its sports rebound wall product closer to market by providing advice and know-how in materials, design and fabrication.


A generation ago, it was commonplace for children to play outside. Among other activities, this play often included playing with a ball against a vertical surface such as the wall of a house or garage, or a garden wall. Sadly, such outdoor recreation is on the decline, due in part to a reduction in land availability and in part to a cultural shift towards more sedentary, indoor forms of entertainment such as computer games and online media. One result of this is that the present generation of young children has much less exposure to the skill development routines of, for example, hitting or kicking a ball against a wall.

WallJAM is an interactive rebound wall that is designed to deliver data based on the power and accuracy of a ball strike against an array of sensor-based targets. It offers users a new way of training and offers the perfect platform for improving performance and technique. The wall connects with an app on the user’s phone which allows players to book and play games, upload and compare results and review historic performance data. WallJAM has already attracted a great deal of attention. After successfully testing its pilot at the Harefield Academy in Uxbridge, the company has been shortlisted in the Daily Telegraph Sports Technology Awards in the Most Promising Concept category. (Welding 4)

Rebound (v) – ricochet


  • Na sua opinião, de que forma deveria a tecnologia ser empregada no mundo para que efetivamente pudesse beneficiar todos os grupos indistintamente, seja no campo do trabalho seja no campo do lazer? – 2016-07-15.