Adj. welded, butt, lap

Under the application of pressure, the polymer chains are able to diffuse across the interface, forming a welded joint on cooling. (W 20) (1)

Welded joint = Junta soldada


The current work has developed and demonstrated adaptive control of robotic hybrid welding of butt joints in structural steels using a high brightness (6mm.mrad) 5kW Yb fibre laser. (W 77) (2)

Butt joint = Junta de topo


Lap joints between plastic components can be easily welded using lasers, providing the upper layer allows the laser beam to pass through to an absorbing lower layer. (W 298) (3)

Lap joint = Junta de apoio, Junta sobreposta


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TWI Ltd, Granta Park Great Abington, Cambridge, CB21 6AL, UK

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(2) Adaptively controlled hybrid welding using a high brightness laser.

C M Allen, G Shi and P A Hilton

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I A Jones

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