Adj.  fibre, autogenous, diode

For this work, because of the former requirement, the need for an efficient, robust and compact laser source and the need, in remote applications, for optical fibre delivery of the laser beam power, a 5kW multimode industrial fibre laser was chosen. (W 83) (1)

Fibre laser = Laser de fibra


Based on the findings, autogenous laser and hybridlaser-MIG welding trials were performed to establish the minimum and maximum welding speeds for full penetration, with subsequent trials assessing the influence of alloy composition, surface oxide, laser spot size, welding speed and welding process…(W 172) (2)

Autogenous laser = Laser autógeno


The purchase and running costs of near infra-red (NIR) lasers, particularly diode lasers, have fallen over recent years. This, together with innovations in equipment, materials and processes, has opened up a wide range of applications to through-transmission laser welding. (W 243) (3)

Diode laser = Laser de diodo


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Adj. crack, focal, arc

The greatest deviation from the average crack length is usually the measurement closest to the outside surfaces of the specimen, furthest from the centre of the pre-crack. (W 7) (1)

Crack length = Comprimento da rachadura                                                 


The system used in this work is unusual in that its focusing lens had a long focal length of 500mm. The effect of this was to produce a very narrow beam of light, with a large depth of focus. (W 90) (2)

Focal length = Comprimento focal


The voltage was determined by the programme and for pulsed welding the setting is the voltage during the pulse, because this is used to control arc length. (W 55) (3)

Arc length = Comprimento do arco


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Adj. hardness, porosity, strength

The procedures gave reproducible welds of acceptable quality and satisfactory mechanical properties, although higher carbon containing steels may necessitate increased heat input to achieve acceptable hardness levels. (W 266) (1)

Hardness level = Nível de rigidez


This philosophy, of an acceptance of a certain porosity level, is commonly taken in the automotive industry, where expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to apply pre-welding aluminium cleaning treatments to reduce weld porosity levels are not the norm. (W 228) (2)

Porosity level = Nível de porosidade


The strength level is controlled by the amount of marten-site in the steel, as well as the heat treatment during processing. (W 366) (3)

Strength level = Nível de firmeza


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Adj. bond, regression, blunting

In the case of titanium alloys, as shown in Fig.5, micro-structural refinement by dynamic re-crystallisation and phase transformation takes place about the bond line in the thermo-mechanically affected zone (TMAZ), whilst the material in the heat affected zone (HAZ) is thermally affected by the process heat.(W 268) (1)

Bond line = Linha de aderência, de ligação


Figure 11 shows estimates of the 10th and 90th percentiles of the distribution of signal amplitudes about the regression line, which correspond to the threshold levels that are needed to achieve 90% POD and 10% POD, respectively. (W 149) (2)

Regression line = Linha de regressão


To determine J at initiation of ductile tearing, a blunting line was used in accordance with BS 7448 Part 4. (W 324) (3)

Blunting line = Linha embotada/de embotamento


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Conference 25-29 July 2004, San Diego, CA., USA


Adj. fatigue, axial, cyclic

Although the fatigue loading reduced the residual stresses considerably, those remaining were still significant with respect to small stress ranges in the spectrum. (W 134) (1)

Fatigue loading = Carga de fadiga


The first pipe test (TWI 2-1) was conducted on pipe material under axial loading only. (W 31) (2)

Axial loading = Carga axial (em um eixo)


The evaluation of welding residual stresses requires an understanding of the effects of a number of parameters such as static loading, cyclic loading and crack growth. (W 65) (3)

Cyclic loading = Carga cíclica


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