Adj. heat-affected, weld, fusion

The geometry of the weld and heat-affected zone is determined by the power density, i.e. 25, 105 and 105kW/mm2 respectively, and laser energy input, i.e. 1292, 888 and 592J/mm respectively, used for welding. (W 275) (1)

Heat-affected zone = Zona afetada pelo calor


It was ….reported that beam weaving laser welding technique would suppress porosity and that increased width to depth ratio of the molten metal was beneficial for the escape of bubbles in the weld zone. (W 141) (2)

Weld zone = Zona de solda


For inspecting EF joints, the challenge was to achieve a resolution good enough to be able to inspect the fusion zone beyond the heating wires. (W 47) (3)

Fusion zone = Zona de fusão


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